You are the reason creating is so much fun.

How Cherie’s Soul Creations became a reality……

“It is my pleasure and privilege to create art that reflects your individuality and imagination. May you enjoy wearing and displaying my pieces as much as I loved bringing them to life.”

Cherie’s Soul Creations

I am thrilled that everyone who displays and uses Cherie’s Soul Creations hand painted art, knows they are getting a one-of-a-kind piece.

Before I created Cherie’s Soul Creations, I was hard-pressed to locate jewelry or art that wasn’t ordinary or boring.

I noticed that everyone was selling the same thing. Being an artist my entire life, I thought “I can create something better than this”.


I set out to create the most unique and imaginative pieces. I thought, “there must be others searching for original gifts.” 

It turns out……

The road was more difficult than I imagined.

Finding a medium……

that wasn’t over-done was a challenge. Then I discovered alcohol ink. I watched endless videos and shared some of my “experiments” with family and friends. I painted it on every non-porous surface I could think of. I was hooked!

When I started……

dabbling, I was concerned that maybe my work was too bright, bold and quirky.

I was so scared……

to show my pieces, to the general public, at first. It took every ounce of courage I had to reveal “my babies” in unknown territory.


participating in several artisan fairs, I was excited to learn that people were drawn to bright, bold and quirky. I received compliments galore. Attendees loved the originality and beautiful, eye-catching colors.

The response…….

has been pure love from everyone who sees them. Cherie’s Soul Creations are heart-centered works of art, just like the authentic individuals who purchase them.